Hand Posture For Piano Playing


Today, I am featuring articles that discuss the perfect hand posture for piano playing. As a piano teacher, I can say that learning exactly how you can practice the right hand posture is essential, since it significantly influence the way you play the instrument. When I provide lessons for my students, I usually teach them the right hand posture at the early parts of the class. I came across some posts a couple of hours ago that can help beginners understand the importance of proper hand posture and how to practice it.

According to the first post, the first thing that you need to do is make sure that your wrists are positioned in such a way that they are paralleled to the floor, and are level with the piano. Avoiding positioning them too high or low. If you are just starting to learn how to play piano, doing this is essential as it can significantly influence how you perform during practice or lessons. Bear in mind that if your wrists are too low, it will hinder you from hitting the keys with the right strength. Positioning your wrists to high, on the other hand, will deprive you of having proper control over the piano keys, and may even lead you to accidentally bump the black keys.It is imperative that when you strike the keys, you should do it with your fingers down straight and with equal strength.

There are actually many other ways to practice proper hand positioning. I found another post about the best hand position to practice on when starting to play piano. I personally think this post has many inputs that can truly help aspiring pianists start playing the instrument in the right way.

It is almost always that when beginners start playing the piano, they need to understand the importance of positioning their hands in the right way. Not knowing the right hand positioning would increase their chance of holding the keys incorrectly, and this impedes their progress while practicing. At first, practicing the right hand posture may feel awkward or uncomfortable, but in two to three weeks’ time, you will be able to position your hand correctly.

Beginners actually have a lot to learn about proper hand positioning. During my classes, I always make sure that my students are able to build a strong foundation in holding their hands while playing piano. I personally think that it can significantly help them make a great start and progress in every practice.

It just takes constant practice to get the hand positioning right. When you take into account all the steps provided in these posts while playing the piano, you will eventually find yourself doing it right all the time. If you are wondering how you can find the right teacher for piano playing, watch out for more of my posts!

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