Why Choose Teacher Zachary

Mr. Zachary Cheng Kok Wei is a renowned piano teacher in Singapore. Students such as children or adults will not just learn playing the instrument in an efficient way but also have a great learning experience. Aspiring pianists can sure make use of books and the information available online, but great learning can be experienced by attending a piano lesson.

A great piano teacher can do many things to change the life of someone who wants to learn playing the instrument and master the art of playing music. Enrolling at music classes can significantly improve a person’s chance in learning to play the instrument fast and intelligently. Teacher Zachary has many things to offer that make him the ideal teacher for anyone who wants to become a great pianist.

Teacher Zachary Playing

Education and Teaching Qualifications

Teacher Zachary has graduated from the University of Southern Queensland, Australia in 2001. He took up a Bachelor of Music as well as a Major in Piano Performance. The University of Southern Queensland is one of Australia’s renowned providers of high-quality education programs, both on-campus and online. After his studies, he started to impart his music knowledge and skills
to aspiring pianists.

The educational background and decades of teaching experience he possesses has equipped him with remarkable ability to play the instrument and teach. He has developed impressive teaching skills as well as gained proof in the success of his teaching career through the accomplishments achieved by his students and proteges. Many of his former apprentices have been able to join and become finalists to a number of international music competitions.

The Zac Piano Suite was born from Mr. Zachary Cheng Kok Wei’s indisputable success in piano playing and teaching. It is one of the most reputable music school in Singapore and has widely gained popularity and trust of many apprentices.

Philosophy and Commandments

Teacher Zachary’s beliefs have contributed the success that he is enjoying now. According to him, one can only play the instrument effectively if he contemplates on the spirit of music. This, to him, can significantly help an aspiring pianist prepare himself for music with his heart, mind, and soul. It is also one of the teacher’s biggest convictions to put greater importance in using a grand piano. According to Zachary, the grand piano is ideal to use because it can significantly help musicians explore their greatest potential as well as make an advanced piano performance.

There are also golden rules that this remarkable teacher wants to teach his students with. His commandments suggest that students should be on time for lessons, practice piano diligently, and obey him in all matters involving the piano lessons and learning. He also added that students can achieve success if they participate actively, be humorous at appropriate times and be dressed appropriately during the lessons.

Piano Lessons and Courses

Zac Piano Suite offers lessons and courses that can help aspiring pianists pass or excel during the ABRSM tests and examinations. These tests are provided by the Royal Music School of London and come with high demands and standards. The teacher offers these courses to ensure that his students will become achievers in Singapore’s highly competitive and advanced musical environment.

Below are the lessons offered by the Zac Piano Suite:

ABRSM piano Lessons (Practice & Theory
Grade 1 to 8
Diploma Studies

The music school also offers classes for specialized fields such as the slight reading, scales, set pieces, and aural pieces.

Benefits of Choosing Teacher Zac

Great Relationship with Students and Parents. Teacher Zachary’s relationship with his apprentices and parents is one of the things that make his music school very popular. He has been able to maintain impressive skills in handling aspiring pianists, regardless of the knowledge and skill levels they possess. He has gained the respect and trust of many aspiring pianists and is now enjoying a “word-of-mouth” publicity.

Remarkable Knowledge, Skills and Experience. One of the most important things that apprentices should look for in a teacher is the music knowledge and skills as well as the teaching experience he possess. Teacher Zachary is both an expert in playing and teaching music, and his remarkable knowledge, skills and experience have attracted many aspiring pianists in Singapore. Those who want to make fast progress in learning how to play the instrument can take advantage of the services offered by Teacher Zachary.

Professionalized Music Teaching. The expert pianist is also known for his ability to behave and act professionally at all times. He is always prepared for lessons and does not practice any unprofessional habits. He makes learning a very good experience and does it in a professional manner. A professional teaching behavior is one of the things that the instructor possesses and that he is popular of. He also has a great studio that is very conducive for learning.

Zac Piano Suite

Sets Goals and Makes them Achievable. The ability to set achievable goals for students is another adorable thing that this experienced teacher possesses. He doesn’t just make learning fun but also progressive to help students enhance their ability to play the instrument. He continually looks for the best abilities and talents of his apprentices and help them discover more of their potentials. He encourages his students to achieve goals and never stop learning.

Tailors the Individual Needs of Students. Teacher Zachary understands that not all apprentices have the same skills and needs in learning. He has spent decades in teaching a number of students with different skill levels, learning capacity and talents. This has encouraged him to do the necessary measures needed to customize the lessons as well as the teaching approach according to the needs of the students.

Makes Learning Effective and Fun. For many students, the learning process can be very effective if it is done with fun and without dullness. Teacher Zachary has impressive ways of making lectures and sessions an effective and fun way to learn. Many of his former students have succeeded mainly because learning with teacher Zachary was a great and positive experience.

Can Help Improve Performance During the ABRSM Tests. The school is open to young and old students. Those who are having difficulties passing the ABRSM piano examinations can take advantage of the lessons offered by the school. Teacher Zachary can significantly help them unleash their greatest potentials and perform at their best especially during exams.What makes the school even more interesting is that many of its former apprentices have surpass the test with merits and distinctions.

The Zac Piano Suite can deliver music learning results that aspiring pianists want to achieve. He uses various methods in conducting his music lessons. For aspiring pianists in Singapore, teacher Zachary has everything that can help them learn and excel in piano playing.